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Slide Sound Dialog

The Slide Sound dialog provides control for  the addition of sound bytes to each slide.

Selecting the Include Slide Sound box enables sound processing for an individual slide.  Sound types supported are MP3 and WAV in stereo and mono. 

The sound byte to be attached to a slide is selected by clicking on the Browse button found to the right of the Include Slide Sound check box.  Browse is only active if the check box is selected. 

Sound Quality and File size

The Use Background Settings selection box found in the Compression area of the dialog, when selected, will apply whatever settings where specified for the primary Show soundtrack defined in the Sound Dialog under Slide Show Properties and apply them to the sound byte associated with the current slide.  See Sound Dialog for more information

The Compression Drop-Down Box provides a selection of choices for for sound quality and file size.

The Choices range from Largest Files, Maximum Quality to Smallest Files, Poorest Quality in five self descriptive selections.

Custom Sound Settings

MP3, Wav file, sound compression. sound annotationA Custom selection is also provided.

The illustration below shows the Slide Show Property dialog with Custom selected.

Selecting Custom provides access to detailed sound settings.  A full explanation of these is beyond the scope of this description. The first selection is Sample Rate,  this determines how many sound samples a second are used in the Sound Track.  The choices are either 11Khz (11 thousand samples a second) or 22Kh.  The Data Rate is the amount of data used to represent the sound stream.  The higher the data rate, the better the sound and the larger the file.   The data rate is selected from the Data Rate Drop-Down Box as shown in the illustration above.

Experimentation will reveal the best settings that work for specific applications.

Under the Data Rate Drop-Down Box  is the Convert Stereo to Mono Button.  Setting this box will convert a stereo sound track  to mono.  This is desirable for internet applications and will reduce the size of the soundtrack dramatically.

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