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Slide Sound Dialog - Continued

The Time pull down window determines how the sound duration and slide image appearances times are related.  StillMotion PE provides three choices that make sound editing very simple.

Stop at End of Slide This selection gives the user defined Show time for the slide precedence over the sound byte.  This mode will truncate the sound at the end of the slide duration time.  Use this mode if you know the sound byte is shorter then the amount of time you want the slide viewed.  When adding effects such as clicks or short canned sounds this is the selection to pick.

Stop at the end of Show This sound mode will play the specified soundtrack for its entire length until the end of a show.  This is how you would add a second Show sound track. If you are using this as a mechanism to insert a second sound track then set the sound Volume slider to 0% this will turn off the Show sound track completely.

Adding a third or more  tracks in this mode will attempt to blend the sounds giving unpredictable and most likely undesirable results.

This mode is recommended for creating a show from two background tracks with the switching point determined by the start of the slide the sound is associated with.

Set Slide Time to Sound Time  This is Smart Sound. It   is a very powerful feature of PE which makes timing complex presentations easy.  In this mode the appearance time of the slide is set to that of the sound so no "fiddling" with appearance time is required. 

As an example take three images, create three voice tracks at random, assign each voice track to an individual slide.  Now select Set Time to Sound Time and click the Apply To: All slides and all three slides will be automatically timed to their sound tracks.

If you should edit a sound track an apply it at a later time select the Slide Time to Sound time mode and the trimming of all the slides in the show is adjusted.

Looping The Master Sound Track


Blending Sounds

The Background Volume slider determines the percent contribution of the Show sound to The Slide sound. At 50% they will be equally blended.  The percent value indicates the percent of the background sound so 25% will mix 25% of the Show sound volume with 75% of the slide's sound byte.

Apply To

The Apply To: check box selects where the chosen sound settings are applied:

  • This Slide:  Applies the results to the current slide only

  • Selected Slides: Applies the results to all the selected (highlighted) slides in the Slide Sorter or Detail view.

  • All Slides:  Applies the results to all slides in the show.

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