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PE Sound Features

PE provides very powerful sound features that make creating professional slide shows very easy.

With PE you can have:

  • A Primary Sound Track

  • An individual Sound track for each File

The Primary Sound track can be automatically set to loop (repeat) for the full length of the show if desired.

Each slide can have its own sound track with a controlled blend and fade to the Primary Sound Track.  This powerful and easy to use sound annotation feature (Smart Sound) can automatically set the duration time of a slide to the length of the sound track associated with it.  This Smart Sound timing makes the creation of professional multimedia presentations easier then ever before.  You can provide precision narration to your shows, create training (see our own Quick Start Tutorial) and provide product, travel and real estate presentations that talk!

These pages show you how to use PE's powerful sound features:

  • PE Sound

  • Slide Show Sound Properties (adding the master Sound Tack)

  • Slide  Sound Properties (Sound annotation)

  • Looping a Sound Track

Sound Features Master Sound Track Individual Slide Sound Loop Sound Track



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