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Now you can add an individual sound track to each slide  with automatic timing and sound blending!!

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In literally a couple of minutes, I had gone from a collection of digicam files to a slick little slide show, on its way to my friends in an email. Pretty impressive.

Dave Etchels
Imaging Resource

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ImageMatics StillMotion CreatorTM PE  Slide Show and Share
Product Benefits

Powerful Sound Features

PE slide show software supports the assignment of individual sound tracks to each slide as well as a Show sound track.  This powerful feature provides for sound synchronized presentations and digital slides shows which narrate and embellish your photo slide shows.
With PE the the length of the slides appearance and the length of the sound byte may be automatically synced with the sound determining the appearance time of the slide.

The duration of an image can be synced to the length of a sound track. This has dramatic implications for creating shows:

  1. There's no need for a complex timeline -- you don't have to manually insert sound tracks in association with slides.
  2. Editing the sound automatically adjusts the trimming of the slide and the show.
The sound associated with each slide in the photo slide show will move with the slide as a show is edited.

Individual blending controls let you set the mix percentage between the main soundtrack and each slide in the slide show.

PE also lets you loop a song to play for the full length of the show.

This easy to use and powerful sound capability which is unique to PE will let you create professional multimedia slide shows for entertainment, guided tours (virtual tours), training applications and numerous other applications...and lots of fun!

Creating Slide Shows

StillMotion Creator PE can quickly import your images into a slide sorter display. You can thenSlide show software slideshow slideshow CD ROM digital slide show, photo slide show change the order of the slides by simply dragging them around the sorter screen. Insert other entire folders, groups of images or select individual images to add from any source you choose. Image scaling and centering are all done automatically for you!

You can drag and drop from folders so making  your slide shows is easier than ever!

Edit the slide show order by dragging and dropping slides or groups of slides. Click on the preview icon at anytime to see your show.



Create Powerful and Compelling Slide Show Presentations

Slide show software slideshow slideshow CD ROMTo beautify your slide show, animated menus let you pick from over 25 styles of transitions and effects. Easy Pan and Zoom features let you embellish your shows and really get your message across. You control the timing. Plus, a built in image editor lets you crop your photos, rotate them and correct brightness and contrast... all without leaving StillMotion Creator PE. You can even select solid or textured matt backgrounds, or import your own custom backgrounds for creating attractive professional looking presentations of your digital images. And don't forget automatic panning of your panoramic screens!

Text labeling lets you add captions and create text pages to add a professional finished look and tell your story.  When combined with powerful sound captioning PE becomes a complete multimedia presentation tool!

Complete Photo Slide Show Creation

 StillMotion Creator PE makes putting the finishing touches to your presentation a snap. You can add a title page and captions to each slide with the text editor. Let your slide shows tell a story or create a professional annotated presentation. You can even insert blank slides mixed in with the images as chapter separators. Don't forget sound…add your favorite WAV or MP3 music file with a single click. Not fancy enough add matting selections to give your presentation an artsy look again with a single click. It's all easy with StillMotion Creator PE.

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