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Essential Tools For Digital Imaging

The Product Lines

ImageMatics offers two products each with easy to use professional tools for and those interested in creating compelling multimedia content to show and share from digital images.

StillMotion Personal Edition (PE) and StillMotion Professional (Pro) both utilize a visually oriented design environment, have context sensitive help and animated tutorials to add to their ease of use.

The Pro version contains all of PE plus additional features for the creation of extensive web actions and the support EFIX, system and user variables for the creation of advanced web and interactive content.


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Animated Text X X    
Skin designer X X    
Button creation X X    
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Create composites of slide, images, buttons, symbols, Swf and text X X    
Insert SWF Files (movie in a movie) X X    
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Product Feature Matrix

StillMotion Personal Edition-II

PE stands for Personal Edition , it is an easy to use slide show oriented multimedia presentation product. PE is Flash software for those of us without any experience using Flash or any programming at all.  It is for anyone and everyone who wants to quickly and easily create an interesting story from their digital images .  The product lets you create compelling presentations and slide shows from digital images.  The product is widely in use by those who wish to tell a story and share it with the broadest  audience.  PE+ adds video output for DVD, VCD and video graphic applications.

With PE a slide show presentation with sound, titles, special effects and more can be created with a few clicks of the mouse by anyone, including first time users.

Single click publishing choices provide the output you want to share the product with your target audience.  Choose a auto play CD ROM, Video for DVD and YouTube, Web Page, SWF file, self extracting movie with player that you can e-mail or even an auto installing screen saver. Create a screen saver of the kids at play or a compelling presentation for the Board of Directors, PE's easy to use and comprehensive tools let you get the job done.

To find out more and see additional demos visit the PE Product pages.

StillMotion Professional

StillMotion Professional is a multimedia authoring tool built on PE-II. They contain all of the PE feature set.With the Pro product you can quickly build interactive galleries, training modules, e-commerce sites; interactive banners, professional photography and real-estate applications. all with image-based navigation systems and complete web, TFP and e-mail actions. The Pro version adds a Pre-loader option which optimizes web performance of the multimedia content you will create. Publish CDs with multiple movies and menus, create linked content including web pages, SWF files documents streaming video and more. a complete multimedia authoring tool.

The Pro's variables system adds the ability to create content driven menu displays and interface directly with PHP and ASP scripts.


The Pro also imports industry Standard EFIX data from your digital photos including exposure settings, focal length, dates etc. The Variable system lets you add this content combined with system parameters such as file names, user info including customer names, pricing, part numbers (etc) and automatically merge them in text stings for display or for use in ASP and PHP scripts, e-commerce application and custom e-mail generation. With the Pro you can provide downloads of documents, images, executables music etc within you multimedia seamlessly within your content.

As a true multimedia product you can create and publish (without change) to:

  • Slide shows on your PC
  • Web Pages
  • Video (for DVD, YouTube, VCD and general video applications.)
  • Screen savers
  • Flash movies (.swf)
  • Auto run files (.exe)
  • Auto play CDs

The Pro products offer powerful multimedia authoring without any prior knowledge of Flash or programming. Take a look at the demos and tutorials and give it a try.
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