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Using Templates

Templates are a mechanism for creating a style wizard for automating show creation. Templates may be exported and shared with anybody using StillMotion products. Templates created with StillMotion PE will also work with the Pro version but not the other way around.

A Template contains a description of the style, settings and selected content of a show. It can be set up to prompt a user to enter groups of images or specific images intended for specific uses. See Convert to Template Template Slide for a complete description.

You can create a template the contains your preferred style for size, skin attributes, animation effects etc. Personalize it and save it.

Then when you want to create a new show with the same look and feel select the Template from the Select Templates dialog which appears whenever the creation of a new show (New from the File menu). If you don't want to use a preexisting template just click on cancel and you will start with an empty show.

You can add instructions to a template as PDF, MS Word or other text document formats and have it prompt you for previews.

Template Manager

A Template Manager is provided to import and export templates, create categories for templates, and their deletion

The Template Manager is found under the File menu. Click here for a description of the Template Manager and its components.

Once you create a Template you can distribute it using the export import features of the Template Manager.

Creating and Editing Templates

A Template can be created from any show by clicking on the Convert To Template menu found under File.

All Slide Show properties such as size, skin properties VCR controls etc are included in the template. Properties and contents of individual slides are not saved unless you indicate you wish to.

When you click on Convert to Template you are now in Template Mode. If you double click on a slide you will that a Template Slide tab has been added.

The slide Template tab lets you preserve a complete slide or just its attributes.

For example you may want to have a preformatted title and end slide where you would just add the appropriate text. for this you would use the slide as is.

You can have the Template slide (Prompt for slide) prompt to to enter a specific slide type. for example in a virtual real estate tour you could have it prompt for front of house, then Living room etc. You would browse to an select the appropriate images.

This is great for creating event templates, product descriptions, etc any time you want a certain type of image in a certain place. See Convert to Template Template Slide for a complete description.

Finally you can have a Template slide prompt you to enter an entire folder or any number of images. This when used with the Auto populate and navigation button features lets automate the creation of image navigation arrays automatically liked to image slides.

Try using the the basic templates that come with the product. many have tutorials that will help you learn to use templates. it is easy once you do it.

Editing a Template

To edit a template select New from the file menu and then Template from the new panel at the right of the Select Template dialog. Now select a Template to edit. Selecting Open Template takes you to the Template Manager to selct a template to use.

When finished editing select Save or Save as from the File menu. You will be presented with the Save Template dialog.

Here you can add a description file, enter a description of the template and select the category where it will be saved.

Sharing Templates

Once you create Template that you like you can share it with all other compatible StillMotion users.

To get access to a Template for sharing you select the Template Manager and click on Export icon.

The template is the extracted and you may save it for distribution. If you receive a template and want to add it first go to the Template Manager, Select a category you want to add the Template to, then click on the Import icon. The selected Template will be added to the category you chose and will now be avail abel for use.

We will be continually adding new Templates and are encouraging our users to send us interesting one they create to share.
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