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PE-II Flash Slideshow Software For Everybody!

Bring Your Images to Life!

StillMotion Personal Edition -II (PE-II)is a powerful and easy to use multimedia Flash Slideshow Software product thats let you create professional high impact presentations with sound, animated text, navigation, full pan and zoom, special effects, and much more. And now you can publish for YouTube also!

You don't need to know a thing about Flash to create exciting Flash Slideshow that can be viewed on any computer, web site or made into a video and published to YouTube or DVD.

PE-II is the best way to show and share your digital images. With our it's very easy to create slideshows, screen savers, auto run CD ROM, self-playing shows, web pages and SWF (Flash) files. ImageMatics is a leading provider of professional multimedia and content authoring products to photographers, realtors, designers, web developers and videographers who want to quickly and easily create high impact visual presentations that tell their story and bring their images to life.

Visit the demo pages to see what you can do.  Click here for Slideshow Software Demos

Click here for the YouTube demo
Share Your Movies with the World

Easy Multimedia and Flash Slide Show Publishing

Product Features

  • Easy and Powerful
  • Create once publish to any thing: Flash (SWF) Web, Auto play CD, Video (use it to make DVDs), Screen saver and .exe
  • Multi track sound, auto narration timing, segment to son timing and more
  • Complete pan and zoom animator
  • Create animated buttons, VCR controls, image buttons, add hot spots anywhere, and more
  • Unlimited text entry with backgrounds, borders, effects and animation
  • Create your own skins, mats and frames with gradients textures and effects
  • Import flash movies, images, symbols and icons then animate them, combine them etc.
  • Create wizard like templates for repeatable results
  • Create and import graphic clip art
  • use our templates or create and share your own
  • Context sensitive help, tutorials and sample templates make it even easier
  • And much more.

PE-II slideshow software the essential photo slideshow software tool for your digital imaging.  The product provides an easy environment for creating exciting multimedia presentations (slideshows) from digital still images and single click publishing that provides you with many choices as how to show, distribute and share your work.

PE-II flash slide show software provides a highly visual menu system that quickly lets even a beginner create professional and compelling presentation of their images.

PE software provides a highly visual menu system that quickly lets even a beginner create professional and compelling presentation of their images. To make it even easier we provide a selection templates, graphics, borders etc that let you make professional multimeter and flash slide shows that can be shown and shared published to te web and YouTube all with a single click.


With one-click Publish you can do all this:

    Visual Navigation Buttons
  • Create a slideshow to view on your PC
  • Create an auto run CD ROM
  • Publish to YouTube
  • Create a slideshow you can e-mail as a self-extracting file. The recipient clicks on it and up it comes in its own player.  (Royalty Free)   Click here to download Family Album demo made with PE slideshow Software and its player  (Click on the screen icon for full screen, mouse to the bottom for control bar)
  • Create a screen saver that you can e-mail that will install itself with a single click  Click here to download the Pets screen saver slideshow software.  (Royalty free distribution for your shows and screen savers!!!)
  • Create full screen with hidden pop-up controls or from a player.
  • Generate a web page with your slideshow in place.
  • Output a Flash compatible SWF file for creating your own works
  • Add music, titles, professional annotation, individual sound tracks per slide, matting, matting, effects and much more

Advanced sound features put you in control:

  • Create and edit play lists of music
  • Have the music change at any slide
  • Time an group of slides excactly to a song
  • Loop a sound track
  • Insert sound effects on individual slides
  • Add narration to a slide that times it durration
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