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Flash Web Tools For Every One!


StillMotion Pro is the Flash Web Tool For everybody. You can create complelling content in the form of interactive

presentations, virual tours, news sites, galleries, photography, art and product sites, e-learning and much more with just a couple of clicks. Take a tour of our demos, look at the torials and see what you can do with StillMotion Pro. No knowledge of Flash is required to succeed with this easy to use flash web tool.

StillMotion Pro contains the entire PE-II content creator with the addition of powerful web extentions that let you create interactive content that provides a means of closing the loop between you and your viewers.

Click on the Image for a Demo

Use StillMotion Pro's image navigation tools combined with its auto-populate feature which lets you create reusable arrays of navigation buttons and then automatical fills them creates linkages and adds names as images are added to shows.

Use this to create interactive:

  • Image Galleries
  • Photo contact sheet
  • Product browsers
  • and intuitive interactive menu structures.

Click on the Image for a demo

Easy to Lean Easy To Use

StillMotion products are easy to learn. Menus are inyuitive, and are provided with contect sensitive help. Our animated tutorials show you what you need to quickly create the contenet you need.

Our powerful Template management system lets you start many common applications from prebuilt templates and lets you customize and creat you own templates to which operate like wizards and can include PDf and word documents.

Look at what you can do with StillMotion Pro and give it a try today!

Product Features

  • Easy and Powerful
  • Create once publish to any thing: Flash (SWF) Web, Auto play CD, Video (use it to make DVDs), Screen saver and .exe
  • Add Web Actions for calling web pages (URLs), Sending formated e-mails, initaiting file, image and document download and display, link SWF, laod multimedia content e.g. movies and sound .
  • Import Camera and File settings. Variables system lets you import all camera and exposure sttings, file names, image size and buser created parameters. These vaibales may be dynamicaly meged for text display or the creation of web metods, e-mails, AsP, PHP and e-commerce applications - directley from your content
  • Multi track sound, auto narration timing, segment to son timing and more
  • Complete pan and zoom animator
  • Create animated buttons, VCR controls, image buttons, add hot spots anywhere, and more
  • Unlimited text entry with backgrounds, borders, effects and animation
  • Create your own skins, mattess and frames with gradients textures and effects
  • Import flash movies, images, symbols and icons then animate them, combine them etc.
  • Create wizard like templates for repeatable results
  • Create and import graphic clip art
  • use our templates or create and share your own
  • Context sensitive help, tutorials and sample templates make it even easier
  • And much more.


With StillMotion Pro you can add web linkages, FTP, downloads, content driven e-mail, open PDF files, interface with e-commerce systems, ASP and PHP scripts and your own web mthods.

With the Pro you can read the EFIX camera setitings, file names, user created data such as customer names, product names, part numbers etc and import them as variabls which can be displayed and merged to create content driven text, titles and labels and pass these variabels in all our supported web methods and e-mails to create e-commerce scripts, initiate downloads user selected images, downloads or documents and to create and send e-mail for informaton requests, contact initiation and more all containing the variable information selceted by the user.


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