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Publish as Video

Selecting Video... from the Publish menu will output the current slide show as a video file.  Web specific and navigation slides ( Menus) included in the show as well as Web actions on clicks are not supported in the video output.

Selecting Video.. brings up the dialog shown below.


ImageMatics PE+ and WD+ support the production of AVI and Windows Media Formats.  You must have the Windows Media Player and MS Encoder 9 (or newer) installed on you machine to create Windows Media output.  Click here for a link to the download sites for these free products from Microsoft.

The Format selection buttons select the "family" of Codecs you choose to select to create your output.   All MS operating systems come with numerous Codecs installed and specialized codecs are available from third party vendors.

If you have MS Encoder 9 installed on you PC (you will know this if the Windows Media Options become highlighted when the Windows Media Button is checked.  We suggest you install this free download as it provides professional and power tools for creating streaming video as well as high quality video output for use with other applications. 

How you are going to use video will determine which Codecs you select.

The selecting the TV Safe restricts titles, labels and video action to the "video/DVD safe" areas of the video document.  This keeps your TV from clipping the movie's content and text.

Selecting the Dynamic Range Compression button will compress the color and content of the movie so that the video is not over saturated or too "hot" for television viewing.


Microsoft Media Player

Microsoft Encoder 9
Windows Media Home
Windows Media Download Center

NOTE: For making DVDs we recommend you use the PE DVD profile that can be downloaded from the ImageMatics web site by clicking here. This makes it very easy and with great results.
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