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ImageMatics StillMotion Software - Bringing Your Images to Life
Flash, Web and Video - Slide Show Animation and Sharing Software for for Everybody!

Welcome! Its Easy to create the professional look with Imagematics tools.

Products No longer Available

Create and share photo slide shows and virtual tours for personal use, real estate and professional photographic applications. Our creative photo slide show tools are for the beginner through the expert professional. Our easy to use photo slide show tools provide for the creation of compelling multimedia for Flash slide shows, web, authoring, real estate, photography, video and any application where you want to create hi-impact content from still digital images and show and share it through any media.

With our contact sensitive help and animated tutorials, and templates everybody can create compelling content to show and share. No knowledge of Flash or other web technologies are needed to produce professional and exciting results with StillMotion products. Visit our demo are and galleries to see what you can create!

All our products produce Flash (SWF) and their native output format and provide quality video for those who wish to create DVDs, publish to YouTube, create streaming media or video applications.



StillMotion Personal Edition

Slide Show -Animate-Share

Product no longer Avaliable

Product Description

Easily combine text, images, audio, artwork and Flash files to show and share any way you choose.

PE is the easiest to use and most full featured and economical (we mean its a bargain!)Flash and video based presentation tool available.

Create a professional and exciting multimedia show from your images with a few easy click and then you can use our single click publishing to create:

  • Easy to share and show movies either in flash or video
  • Use our east template and create perfect YouTube movies to show friends, family colleagues and the world!
  • Create web pages and SWF (flash files)
  • Auto Play CD ROM
  • Self extracting executable movies for compelling projected shows
  • Screen savers for you, and friends and family
  • Video for DVDs and other applications

Add your images, movies, graphics and sound and StillMotion PE will give you the easiest to use tools to build and share your your exciting multimedia movies.

  • Lots of transitions
  • Text animation
  • Buttons and hot spots
  • Full pan and zoom animation
  • Great skin editor
  • VCR navigation controls
  • Visual navigation creation and menu tools
  • Multi track sound and narration
  • Movie in a movie
  • Templates
  • And much more

Take a look at our demos and what other people have done and you will quickly see that PE can let you bring your images to life and show them off to the world.

StillMotion Pro

Web Content Developer

Product No longer Available

Product Description

StillMotion Pro contains all of the features of PE plus's powerful web actions and text variables and Digital Camera EFIX support. With StillMotion Pro you can build powerful web applications which provide links to web sites, other Flash movies and shows, e-mail ASP and PHP scripts and incorporate content extracted from digital photos or user created.

You can:

  • Create advanced Flash projects without knowing Flash 
  • Record on-screen activity with our free utility
  • Create buttons and controls that link to downloads, video and audio
  • Generate high impact Flash text effects
  • Animate your work and add interactivity
  • Output small files sizes to share via the web, CD-ROMs, YouTube and email
  • Comes with valuable bonus downloads including screen-activity movie maker, audio editor, and lots of graphics, frames, icons

Applications for StillMotion Pro include:

  • Create professional Flash & video presentations
  • Create virtual tours for real-estate sites
  • Build digital photography sites that let customers order images and display all camera data as well as building contact sheets with image names automatically included plus user selection
  • Create product marketing sites that can interact with shopping carts
  • Generate demos, tutorials and simulations and more
  • Produce multimedia web sites, slide shows, animated banners, buttons

All our products are Vista compatible and will take full advantage of dual core systems. Please explore our web site, view the demonstrations, and galleries, look over our tutorials and instruction. We are always ready to answer your questions.
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