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Now you can add an individual sound track to each slide  with automatic timing and sound blending!!

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In literally a couple of minutes, I had gone from a collection of digicam files to a slick little slide show, on its way to my friends in an email. Pretty impressive.

Dave Etchels
Imaging Resource

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Photo Slide Show Operation and Applications

PE Photo Slide Show software provides extensive sound capabilities including the ability to have sound annotation associated with each slide in the photo slide show.  An extensive selection of transition effects, titles, slide annotation, framing, matting and background selection, pan effects and some basic image editing embellish digital photo slide show creation.

A visually oriented drag and drop slide sorter lets you edit and arrange slide show shows.

In three clicks of the mouse a photo slide show with transitions can be created and published

Click here to view the two minute Photo Slide Show Software Quick Start multimedia tutorial created with PE or click here to download the Photo Slide Show Software Quick Start self extracting file with a player.

PE is built on the experience and expertise of numerous award winning products in the imaging industry.  It provides an extremely easy to use interface built an over forty person years of practical application development and represents a Personal Platform for creating compelling image presentations and sharing them with the broadest of audiences.

StillMotion Creator PE is a completely new product.  It has a new friendly and familiar user interface and is quick and easy to use. 

Photo Slide show software , slideshow
PE comes with its own attractive
player that you may freely distribute
 with your shows


StillMotion Creator PE makes sharing and showing off your photos easier than it has ever been. Load your pictures in a folder and simply tell StillMotion Creator PE to create a slide show. Select Publish and you're done.

The demo pages shows a selection of shows that illustrate and explain the powerful and easy to use features of PE.  Click here or on the image of the player above to visit the demo area.

Personal and Professional Applications for Pictures from

  • Holiday pictures
  • Vacation pictures
  • Birthdays
  • New Babies
  • Weddings
  • Conformations
  • Bat / Bar Mitzvahs
  • Pets - Pets - Pets
  • Children
  • Sports
  • Virtual tours
  • Real estate
  • Special events
  • Product introductions and offerings
  • Advertising
  • On-line brochures
  • Documentation and instruction
  • Portfolio display
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Documentary

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