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Creating a Looping Sound Track in PE

Creating a looping Master Sound Track for the entire slide show is handled in the Slide Properties Sound tab.  This is an exception that has to do with the technology used in the product. Those interested may read the technical note below.


To insert a Master Sound Track that you want to loop you must enter the track in the first Slide in the show.

Select the first slide. Double click on it or From Edit select Slide Properties.

Select the Sound tab as shown above.

Click on Include Slide Sound.

Click on Browse and select your sound file to be used as the Master Sound Track.

Under Time, click on Repeat Continuously (as shown above).

The Sound file you have selected will repeat until the end of the show.  If you want more then one sound file in your Master Track then use a third party sound editor (e.g. Sound Recorder found on every PC) to  combine sound files into a single Master file.

The links below provide additional information on using sound.

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