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The Option Menu provides control over path visibility in the Stage, motion option controls, setting the Movie aspect ration and selects linear versus curved camera paths

Auto-Add Keys Selecting Auto-Add Keys turns on the key management functions of QuickShow.  When set keyframes are automatically added or edited by adjusting the Camera Window at any point on the Timeline.  When this option is enabled, moves are created by moving the timeline cursor and then moving the timeline cursor to the next endpoint in the animation sequence.  The Keyframes are added as the the timeline cursor moved.  This QuickShow reduces the time, complexity an chances of error in creating StillMotion animations

Show Camera Path Selecting Show Camera Path shows the path of the Camera Window as a yellow line drawn over the picture in the stage. .  Each Key Frame is shown as a red + on the path.  The path is not visible in the final Movie and is provided as a reference.  A check mark is placed next to the Menu entry to show that it has been selected.  The Show Camera Path option

may be toggled on and off as convenient.

Set Viewer Aspect Ratio This option provides the ability to change the aspect ration (Height / Width) of the movie being created.  The default option is 4:3, which is the aspect ration of standard broadcast television. Selecting the option provides a dialog box in which a selection of fixed aspect ratios may be selected.  These are square (1:1), broadcast television (4:3) and  HDTV (16-9).  The user may spicily any arbitrary aspect ration by entering the decimal value of the desired Movie height divided by its width.  For example to create a movie that has a height to width ratio of 2:4 a value of .5 would be entered as the specified aspect ratio.  Selecting Image automatically sets the Viewer and Camera Window to the aspect of the first picture loaded in making the movie.  The set Viewer Aspect Ration dialog box is shown to the right.

Motion Control (Easing options / Slows)

Slow In Slow Out: This is the default easing options. The camera accelerates speeds up to a constant speed at the beginning of a motion segment (Eases in) and then slows (Eases out) at the end.

Slow In: Selecting Slow In only provides an Ease in at the beginning of the motion segment.  The motion is then constant until the end of the motion Segment.

No Slows:  No Slows turns off Slow In and Slow Out.  There is constant motion (no start up or slow down Eases)

No Curves: Selecting No Curves Option creates paths for the Camera Window that will be straight lines.  The default setting connects Key Frame insertion points with smooth curves.  The Show Camera Paths shows the difference in the paths that the camera will take under the option settings.


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