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Add Images, Scale and Align

Click on a slide to advance it or use the VCR controls.

Images can be imported scaled, animated and aligned with an active slide or in a blank slide. Transparency is maintained for 32 bit PGN files.

Select the Slide Properties Text and Graphics tab. In the Tool bar of the Text and graphics tab click on the Add Picture Icon, the Add Picture panel with then appear. A file Selection dialog will then appear . Browse and locate the image you want to add and select it. The image will then appear in the work are. You can now scale the image using the mouse and drag it anywhere in the work area. A drop shadow can be added by clicking on the drop Shadow box.

You may add as many images as you like by repeating the process.

Once you add a group of images they may be aligned, arranged, grouped and spaced by selecting the appropriate icons in the tool bar.

Images may be converted to buttons in the same manner as text, and symbol objects.
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