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Group and Ungroup

Two or more objects can be grouped together to either permanently form a new object (and saved as a graphic) or for convenience to be moved and scaled together.

When objects re grouped their attributes are lost. The grouped object can now be converted to a button animated etc. Object of any typed may be grouped together. An SWF movie may be grouped with a symbol to create a frame and the combined objects can be animated and converted to a button. The combined result can be saved as a graphic for later use or sharing.

When Group (left icon) is selected the group panel will appear.

Group Panel

Selecting the Constrain Shape box will maintain the aspect ratio (shape) of the groped object when it is scaled.

Grouped objects may be grouped with individual objects or other grouped objects.

A special feature of grouping applies to the merging of navigation objects with text objects containing variables such as file names or labels.

If the Link to sl ide navigation in group box is selected then the text variables will stay linked to navigation buttons. This provides for the creation of automatically labeled navigation buttons and is a very powerful production feature.

Grouping text with a Navigation object

The example above shows a navigation object (right) (mask image) and a name variable being grouped and joined. DSC 0138 is the file name created by the camera.

Ungrouping (right hand icon) separates the objects and restores their individual attributes. Scaling and placement will remain the same as the grouped object.

Un grouping the image on selected object in the left hand image results in the two objects shown in the right image with their original attributes.

If a object contains multiple groups each Ungroup will resort the previous level of grouping.
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