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Adding Text, Labels and Captions

Click on a slide to advance it or use the VCR controls.

Select the Text and Graphics slide property tab. To add text click on the text icon in the Text and Graphics toolbar. The Text panel will now appear.

The Tex Box panel provides selection of font, size text color and style. Note the "S". This creates a dropped shadowed anti-aliased text that looks great in both flash and video presentations.

The Background section of the Text panel lets you create a text box if you choose to. The Shape box lets you select from libraries of shape symbols including basic geometric choices, cartoon narration boxes and many others. Controls are provided to add beveling, fill options including gradients and textures and text box transparency.

Click on the Preview button any time to see exactly what you have created.

Animation options are selected by clicking on the Effects button. Note: We recommend setting the appearance of text to be set to start after the transition. This avoids any "blinking" of text captions between slides.

The Effects dialog controls the appearance time and animation effect of the selected text object.

Any text object may be converted to a navigation or control button by applying Actions to it.

A button is created by adding a button animation Style such as Magnify or Hot Pop and actions such as Jump to a slide, pause, play next etc. The Pro version provides a additional actions including Jump to a URL, FTP, Send an E-mail and more.
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