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Detail View

The Detail view is shown below

Detailed View

The slide in gray is the currently selected slide.

Slides are selected by clicking on them.

In the Detail view the slide image file name and storage location are shown.  The duration time of the slide and the selected transition are also shown.

In the selected slide Show For buttons  provide for the duration time to be increased or decreased by clicking on the left or right button respectively.  The Transition drop-down menu provides the ability to change the transition and the Transition Time buttons provide for the increase or decrease in the transition time.

Double clicking on a slide brings up the Slide Properties dialog where access to all slide properties are available.

Right clicking anywhere in the view brings up the View Action dialog shown below

          Insert Slide Brings up the Insert Slide dialog for the insertion of a new slide or group of slides

          Delete deletes the selected group of slides

          Properties brings up the Slide Properties dialog box.


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