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Creating Slide Navigation Buttons

Click on a slide to advance it or use the VCR controls.

Slide Navigation buttons are combine a Symbol background with the image of a slide and a Jump to Slide Action. Using Slide navigation buttons visual navigation menus can be quickly created.

To create a slide Navigation button Select the Text and graphic tab and then click on the Add Slide Navigation icon. The Slide Navigation Panel will now appear.

A box containing the current symbol shape will appear in the work area. This can be moved and resized just like an image or text box.

The Button Panel will not be active and contain only the Jump to Slide Action. Select the slide you want this button to jump to.

The slider switch marked Thumbnail size will let you scale the slide image within the button box.

You can stylize the button with gradients, textures, bevels and shadow.

Once you have created a button style you like you can save it as a graphic for reuse. copy and pasting buttons lets you create navigation arrays which you just go back to and select the slide or slide index you want the button to control. You can save an entire array as a graphic or incorporate it into a template for further reuse.

Here is an example of s movie using Slide navigation
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