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Creating a Commercial

With ImageMatics StillMotion Creator it is easy to create rich media presentations by animating still images and if desired adding sound.

The "commercial" below is created with three photos as shown and WAV sound file.  The first segment is a rotation combined with a zoom, the second a zoom with a pan ant the final is a still.  all are tied together with fades.  The Example section will show you how quick and easy it is to create attention getting content without complex tools.   Repeated exposure to the demo may cause weight gain!


Image 1 56 KB

Image 2 58KB

Image 3 24 KB


Creating Video and SWF from the Same Movie File

Once the movie was laid out and proofed on the timeline it was saved as an ImageMatics Movie (MPX) file.  First we selected Make SWF Movie from the file menu and create the SWF movie shown on the left.  Then without changing anything, we selected Make Movie File again under the File menu.

To make this movie we used all the default settings and selected uncompressed codec.  The result was an .AVI file without sound.

We then added the same sound .WAV file in the SWF file to the AVi using the "free" video editor that came with the computer's CD ROM burner.  This was also saved as an uncompressed AVI file.

Next MS Media Encoder (ver 7.1), a free download for Microsoft was used to create a WMV file using their MPEG4 codec.  The original AVI file was 122 Megs (wow) and the resulting Mpeg4 file was 577K  a huge compression factor!

The SWF File is 17 seconds long, contains a 330K WAV file and is itself only 297KB

MS Streaming Media movie made from same ImageMatics Movie (MPX) file.  It is 577KB.

It is encoded using MS MPeg4 codec encoded with MS Media Encoder.


Virtual tours, e-commerce sites, real-estate, entertainment, news and just about any other site where sill images content intensive site can be brought to life without acquiring expensive tools and lots of new skills,

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