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Creating a Perspective (3D) Move

The Pro and Plus versions of ImageMatics StillMotion Creator Versions 1.5 and later support 3D (perspective) effects.   The feature will not produce corresponding SWF files due to technical limitations of the SWF current libraries. 

To view videos created with perspective effects visit Video Perspective Streamed Fly-by Demo and 3D Movie.

The Pro and Plus versions of StillMotion Creator support Perspective effects in the creation of AVI (video) movies only.  The Perspective effect is not currently supported for SWF output as the perspective transform is not supported within Macromedia's Flash environment (as a matrix operation).

Creating Perspective Effects

The Perspective tool is used as an extension of the Camera Window control.  Rotation of the Camera Window is controlled by moving the cursor over the small circle located in the upper left hand corner of the Camera Window, holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse to cause rotation. The cursor will change to a small curved line with arrows on each end to indicate that the Camera Window may be rotated.  See the Rotation Reference page. 

Once you have the rotate icon hold the Control key down and the Perspective Cursor will appear.  Now moving the cursor forward and backward will change the shape of the square to a trapezoid representing perspective.  The short side of the trapezoid representing the tilt of the perspective toward the image.

.Perspective Transform View

Camera Window and generated view.

Visit the Perspective Control to see examples of  how the Camera Window controls the perspective view.

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