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Miss Universe Pageant
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The Australian and its online service New.Com.AU represent Australia's leading online news service. ImageMatics PE and ISMC are both used for creation of their multimedia online content

Here is one reason why ImageMatics Products . are used:

"I really must pour on the praise for the quality of your swf export. I've tried exporting on a lot of Flash-based apps and frankly didn't expect a slideshow maker to be very good. But to my huge surprise it definitely gives the best size versus quality result."  Richard Pree

The Australian uses ImageMatics Products for composting and adding additional Flash effects.

An Iraq War archive has been created on the site using these products and their regular multimedia section uses it regularly

Visit the section on Working with Flash tools for more info on how some of these news movies where created.

Created by Richard Pree  (   using ImageMatics StillMotion products
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