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Pan and Zoom

Click on a slide to advance it or use the VCR controls.

Pan and Zoom is found on the Slide Properties Show tab. The Show tab gives you options for still presentation (no pan or zoom effects) A basic back and forth Pan (Pan Tab), a simple zoom in or out (Zoom Tab) and the full featured Pan and Zoom tab which provides the full Ken Berns style key frame pan and zoom animation effects.

Pan and Zoom is accomplished by creating a start window (key frame) which contains where you animation will start from and a destination widow where the move ends. The move time, the time you want to animate going from the start key frame to the destination, and the pause before move time are specified. You can create a hold (image stands still) by having a pause time set and a move time of zero.

You may have as many moves in an animation sequence as you wish. Tools are provided for cutting and pasting moves.

You may select Pan and Zoom through transitions to combine the two effects. Panning and zooming through a dissolve gives the most dramatic effect. Here is an example created for You Tube.
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