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Converting an Existing Show to YouTube

The show below contains animated text, zoom effects, and animated image compositing, plus lots of transitions and sound.

It was created about six months before the YouTube conversion and was never initially intended for this purpose. As you can see below the results are super. You can be a pro on YouTube and show and share your creations with friends, family and world. All with a couple of clicks.


640x480 original Flash movie with a click to play slide added for this demo.


YouTube hosted movie from the same show, optimized for YouTube show in 320x240 resolution


Converting the Shows


The original show was created at 640x480 for a web application so the first thing we must do is rescale the show. we go to Slide Show Properties Show and click on the Change button in the Movie size panel. Click on here for a description of the Change Size dialog.

Then we pick the 320x240 movie size from the pull down menu.

Then we make sure all the scaling option boxes are checked. Now the text, slides, images and graphics, and the frame are all automatically resized.

Now click on the Use Flash 8 Bitmap Smoothing (antialias) check box in the bottom left of the Show tab (this improves the quality of the video)

That's all that is involved it took about 30 seconds.


Now we go to the File menu. Select Video and publish with the YouTube profile.

Easy and done the results are shown above.

You can easily repurpose almost any show for use in YouTube in the couple of steps described above.

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