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This Website is designed to be a resource to developers and designers who want to learn about using Flash as a delivery tool for photographic animated  imagery (movies).

This site contains many pages of large file size (not from the Flash movies).  We believe that the site will have the greatest interest to Web professional who as a group have high bandwidth access..  To our dial up visitors we hope you feel that your patience will be rewarded.

The Product and Benefit sections talk about what ImageMatics Still Motion Creator can do for you and your targeted audience.

Separate Applications sections talk about how the product can benefit Web developers, content developers, professional photographers and videographers.

We recommend that you take get a free download of the product and try it out.

To help you along and demonstrate the ease of use a complete support environment is provided in the form of an interactive tutorial linked to a web based Help reference system.

The tutorial is broken into six examples and the files associated with each example are available to download.  Using the one page quick start and the tutorial anyone can be creative and productive in a very short while.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to featuring your works and site information in our gallery.


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