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Creating Composite Flash Movies


Here we show the results of SWF files created with both PE and ISMC. 

This composite layout consists of a PE movie (the Album), an ISCM movie, a JPEG image for the background, our Logo as GIF file, which we made transparent in the application and the text effects made with WidForm Wild fx.

The composite was created in WildForm Linx. 

WildForm Linx can also be used to combine movie files created with ImageMatics products.

Linx lets you Load and unload SWF files in its timeline and combine them in a single SWF file.  The unload removes the previous SWF from the computers memory and from the Flash player so the 16000 frame limit is not a problem.  This product is an essential and easy to use tool for all kinds of creative applications  Click here to find out more about Linx
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