This Real Estate MLS show is created from a template.

Click here to download the template

  1. Download the template above and remember where you put it
  2. From the File menu open the Template manager and import the template you just saved.
  3. Go back to File and click on New
  4. Select Create a New Slide Show
  5. Now Select the Real5-800x600-BlueGrad template from the list
  6. Now insert your images for the show.
  7. Done

Now we need to edit the Template for your application

  1. Go to the Text and Graphics tab and Replace the logos and pictures with your own.
  2. Go to the Slide Show Properties Web tab and edit the parameters With your contact information
  3. Now Go to the Template manager and save this template under a name you give it.

You have just customized the template.

No for the MLS info.

  1. Go to File New as (above) and create a new show from the template you just saved.
  2. Now go to Slide Show Properties Web Tab and edit all the parameters relevant to this listing, price, location etc.
  3. Now change the Map and Info links to link to the google maps area of your listing and link info to a neighborhood information page.

This will take five minutes once you have done it.

Now publish the new Flash file and put it on your web site.

All done!!

Clack here for a link to more templates.